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Every year when I see photos from Comic Con I’m torn between thinking “wow, that’s really cool!” and “WHY NOT MEEEEEEEE”

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Sooooooooo I FINALLY figured out what I’m going to do for my Harley Quinn cosplay! I wanted to come up with an idea of my own rather than wear one of her costumes (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just wanted to do something different for myself!) and I wanted it to be sort of a cutesy-concept so I thought about it and thought about it until yesterday when an idea finally clicked.

I’m gonna be SCHOOLGIRL HARLEY QUINN YAYYYY. I’ve seen some other ladies do a schoolgirl Harley look, but the outfit I put together is different than all the ones I saw so I don’t think I’ll be ~copying~ anyone.

I’ll post some pics of the look I put together later! I still need to get a few accessories for it and make some props, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take photos with the next couple of weeks. :D

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Are you going to celebrate today? I’m thinking of going by the bookstore and comic book shop to see if they have any new Batman goodies! 

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Do you ever think about Bruce Wayne and just

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What if Malcolm Tucker was Gotham City’s DA tho


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My voice has been kinda deeper and scratchy because of allergies and now I feel all ~*sexy and sultry*~ and like I’ve finally gone through puberty at the age of 25. 

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I need to get back to work on my Crane fics STAT, I’m embarrassed with myself for having neglected them for so long. SHAME ON ME

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I have some stuff to go do, but when I get back I’ll answer everything in my inbox! 

P.S. here’s Batman talking about butts:

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I think Wonder Woman is awesome, but it bothers me when people say that women should be like her. Not every woman identifies with her and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are ways to tell women that they have strength and are worthy of respect without making them feel that they have to live up to a certain ideal. Some women would rather be like Harley Quinn or Catwoman or Shayera Hol or any of the other female characters out there—are they undeserving of support because they don’t fit someone else’s expectations of what a “strong” woman is? 

We need to quit telling women what they should be and let them be who they are

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Silver fox Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond tho