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I started watching Criminal Minds again since Netflix added it to their streaming library and O M G I forgot how stressful some of these episodes are

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I managed to clean my house without chipping my manicure


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Do you ever think about Mad Love and just

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I’m really sorry if all the Harley posts are annoying! I usually do not post so many pictures of myself at once, but I’m having fun answering questions~in character. If you don’t want to see them anymore, you can blacklist the tag “my cosplay”. <3

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I have been trying to get back in the swing of writing fanfic (including my fics that are in dire need of an update) and I think filling some prompts would provide me with practice and hopefully a creativity boost. 


If you have a prompt that features ScarecrowJoker, Harley Quinn, or Joker/Harley  (I’m fine with writing other Batman characters as well, but those three need to be the main focus or at the very least included) then send it my way and I will write you a fic! Please keep in mind that

  • the length of the fic may be anything from a few sentences to a full-blown one shot
  • sometimes a prompt just does not “click” with me creatively, so if I do not fill your prompt then please do not be upset or take it personally
  • I don’t really ship Scarecrow with any canon character, but that doesn’t mean that I am totally adverse to filling shipping prompts (I’ve done it before and enjoyed writing it).

Please and thank you! <3

If you sent me one of these and I didn’t respond, I’m not ignoring you, I’m just keeping your message <3

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I had so many lovely messages in my inbox today and now I feel super duper happy YAYYYYY

*hugs self*

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I just want the new season of The Walking Dead already


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Today I played video games with my husband, went grocery shopping, tidied up around my house, scrubbed the kitchen floor, did the dishes, took out the garbage, cleaned the porch, and now I’m gonna go bake some cookies and work on my fanfiction. 

I know that might be ~boring, but that’s my idea of a happy day tbh. :D

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No joke, I squeal happily every time someone tells me that they are a fan of me or my blog. Like full-blown, high-pitched EEEEEEEEEEE squealing where my cats turn and stare at me judgmentally.


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Is there anything that Alan Moore doesn’t hate?