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Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Harley Quinn’s butt, like

(that’s her dressed up as Batgirl)

Mistah J is clearly an ass man.

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I mentioned recently that I’ve been thinking about making videos, and I decided that I might try a couple of Batman-themed vids where I talk about some of my favorite comics and/or characters. I think my first one is going to be on The Killing Joke, since it’s my all-time favorite.

I’m making these mostly for my Tumblr followers to enjoy (I really don’t expect for them to garner much interest on YouTube) so if any of you have any specific Batsy items/themes you want me to discuss or a question that you’d prefer that I answer in a video rather than a post, please let me know! 

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This Marvel fans vs. DC fans bullshit needs to end. Joking around is one thing, but if you cannot enjoy comics and movies without putting other fans down then I think that says an awful lot about you as a person and none of it is complimentary. 

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I wanna see Nicki Minaj dress up as Harley Quinn.

I feel like that would be the most ADORABLE cosplay on the planet. 

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I think it’s hilarious that people follow this blog because they love Batman—a hero who fights for the citizens of Gotham, supports equality, and donates millions worth of his fortune to humane causes and underprivileged youths—but become angry with me whenever I dare point out racism, sexism, or ableism within the comics industry and its fans. 

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did you miss me?

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Hey everyone, my Internet is messed up and someone from the service provider won’t be able to come look at it until Friday. I have several posts in my drafts folder, and I’ll try to set my queue up so this blog still has content in my absence. However, I will not be able to answer any questions in my inbox; I often type lengthy responses as well and include images, and I won’t be able to do either from my phone. If you have sent me a message, please be patient with me and I promise to answer it as soon as I can.

Hopefully my Internet will somehow repair itself before Friday (wishful thinking, I know) and I can resume clogging your dashes with emotional posts about Batman. Thank you all for your patience!

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I have a question! Would any of you be interested in seeing a video or gifset of how I do my makeup for my Harley Quinn cosplay? I’ve been getting questions about what I use for my wig, face paint, etc. and I thought a step-by-step video might be helpful. :D


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I started watching Criminal Minds again since Netflix added it to their streaming library and O M G I forgot how stressful some of these episodes are

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I managed to clean my house without chipping my manicure