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Question: does anyone actually like the New 52 version of the Joker’s Daughter character? I’m not making fun of anyone who does, I’m just genuinely curious because I haven’t read a single positive thing about her. From what I understand, New 52 Joker’s Daughter isn’t Duela Dent and isn’t actually Joker’s spawn, but otherwise I know little about the character beyond what I read on Wikipedia. 

She kind of strikes me as a bad-fanfiction-esque character tbh, but that could be an unfair judgement on my part. I’m interested in hearing other opinions!

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I think I finally caught up on all the questions in my inbox!



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Man I just love when I write a heartfelt post about women and girls embracing their love of superheroes despite the misogynistic elements in nerd culture and someone reblogs it to effectively say “WELL I’M A GIRL AND NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS SO IT MUST NOT BE REAL”.

I’m sincerely glad that you’ve never been told that you’re not a “real” fan or been side-eyed whenever you walk into a comic book store or told that you’re just “trying to impress” men when you wear a superhero t-shirt or experienced any of the other little intricate ways that sexist nerdbros try to tear down female fans, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT OTHER WOMEN HAVEN’T. Stop contributing to the problem.

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I wonder if I should change my icon now that I don’t have long hair anymore.

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I want a comic featuring the Justice League in a zombie apocalypse setting.

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If you think there is anything remotely humorous about Amanda Bynes’ current situation then you are a terrible person.

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I have some exciting news (for me, anyway) that I’ve known about for a while but wanted to wait a bit before saying anything.

My brother and his fiance are expecting a baby sometime early next year, so I’m going to be an auntie!!! I can’t wait, I’m gonna spoil them sooooo much.

Totally gonna buy them Batman comics when they get old enough tbh.

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Imagine the Justice League doing Secret Santa every year and breathing a sigh of relief when they don’t draw Batman’s name.

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So my husband and I agree that Idris Elba would be a PERFECT John Stewart should they ever make a live-action Green Lantern film, but I also think that Mr. Elba would be an excellent Lex Luthor whereas he doesn’t think so. 


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*sighs happily*

I just love Batman so much. :)

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