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What does Batman do when he’s soaring above Gotham’s skyline, searching for criminals, when he has to go to the bathroom? Does he just go on a corner of a roof or what?

posted 1 year ago @ 29 Jan 2013
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  1. girlwiththedragontattooine said: Dontcha mean the “Bat”-hroom?? *eyebrow wiggle* Anyone? Anyone? …I’ll take my pun elsewhere….
  2. moose-wayne said: He obviously has an automated ‘bat cup’ in case accidents happen~
  3. therealcillianmurphy said: you know when you’re walking along minding your own business and a bird poops on you
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  5. urbanchimera said: Maybe he has a toilet built in like Tony Stark?
  6. zombieknickers said: …I always wonder things like that. I came to the conclusion that he’d just try and pee on criminals below while he was on a roof.
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