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What present do you want for the holidays?

Tell me what items you want! Don’t be like ~world peace and for everyone to be happy~, be materialistic dammit! ;) 

I would like either Batman/horror stuff, books, clothes, makeup, or jewelry. I AM BORING. My husband is hard to shop for, every year I have a problem finding stuff for him so I don’t know what to get him yet. 

Also in case you couldn’t tell I like to ask people stuff because I like to get to know/meet people. :)

  1. the-talking-absol said: Haha, I knew that would be your Christmas list. XD And it’s not boring! It’s not as bad as my Disney-filled list. And yeah, my dad is insanely hard to shop for; but I’m lucky in that he and mom always appreciate my art for them. :)
  2. the-talking-absol answered: Uhhh…I dunno; I’m usually bursting with joy just to get to spend time with family, but I guess I would like some Disney movies on DVD…XP
  3. oh-glow-cloud answered: I want Arkham City omg. And comic books :D
  4. scareyquinn answered: I really want the CWotDCU Zatanna statue but as we’re moving it’s unlikely to happen :( Other than that, I just want my hair done nice again!
  5. teninchheroine answered: iPhone 4S and the “Keep Calm & Carry On” case to go with it. :D
  6. samiragray answered: Anything Elvira related! And that awesome jacket from Bebe that I’ve had my eye on for ever.
  7. ifuckinglovebatman answered: Batman, gift/gas cards, cigarettes, or wine. I’m simple.
  8. zombieknickers said: The only thing I asked for is a DVD called Bunraku. People find it hard to buy me things because I only ever want one thing and it’s usually really cheap xD
  9. caryfuckunaga said: I want a Kindle Fire so bad! My dad and I went to Best Buy today to look at them and he thought they were pretty cool so…crossing my fingers! i also want LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7 for the Wii, and maybe some more vinyls to add to my records. :D
  10. littlemegthatcould answered: I would say I would like to add to my small batman comics collection or add to my video game collection. I am boring as well. XD
  11. onthetwentiethcentury answered: Hmm, pens, I guess? But that’s always so hard because I like vintage ones and I kinda have to see them first and stuff. Books?
  12. boobookittyfook answered: Comics, movies, and CD’s. those are the base of my needs. :D but clothes and makeup are always nice. just so long as i don’t get gift cards.
  13. monocoleporter answered: There are a few books I want, like photo books and books about midcentury arcitecture… Lol.
  14. emmmmawatson answered: I want military style jacket, money, and hit RECord stuff. :D
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