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30 Days of Batman | Day One: First Batman Comic You Read

Batman: Year One


30 Days of Batman | Day One: First Batman Comic You Read

Batman: Year One

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I feel cute today. :D

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obibatkenobi said:

Not sure if this has already been asked, but do you have a recommended reading list? old/new/comics/graphic novels. doesnt have to be DC titles only. just anything you enjoy(ed) reading that you think your followers might enjoy as well

I do! Check out my Batman comics rec post, and my ash reads tag for comic reviews and recommendations (including non-DC titles). :)

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Harley Quinn #05 
Harley Quinn #05 
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helplesslittlebuggers said:

Hello :) I'm sorry to ask because I feel like I have some recollection of you talking about this...but have you ever read anything on superheros and psychology? Or Batman specifically? If you have, do you have any recommendations/reviews? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, your blog is fab, have an awesome day!

Check out Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight! Some of it is a bit tedious, but I really enjoyed reading interpretations of some of my favorite characters from a psychological standpoint. 

And thank you so much!! <3 <3

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mickthethorpe said:

Do you think the song "Brother My Brother" at all suits Batman and joker's extremely fucked relationship?

I’d never heard it before so I looked it up on YouTube and the whole time I was listening to it I imagined Batman and Joker running towards each other across a dandelion field before embracing one another in a friendly hug.

…and then Joker gave him a wedgie. 

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My step-by-step Harley Quinn makeup routine.

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Catwoman #69 by Adam Hughes

Catwoman #69 by Adam Hughes

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As long as no actor draws their inspiration from the New 52…

Oh yes, I agree with you 100%. I’d be very disappointed to see a live-action Joker with his face missing, or a kiddy-snatching Scarecrow with his mouth stitched together. D:

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It makes me ridiculously happy when actors/actresses who are set to play Batman characters actually read comics to prepare for their roles. My only complaint is that they didn’t send him Penguin’s Joker’s Asylum issue. That’s one of my favorite interpretations of Penguin and also shows gives a glimpse into his childhood.