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"6, 7, all good girls go to heaven."

I have seen it and honestly, this is one Batman film that you can pass and not miss much. I’m a huge fan of DC’s animated films involving Justice League and Batman, even the ones that have a negative consensus among the fandom. I can usually find something to like about each one. But I just could not get into Son of Batman. The majority of the voice acting was mismatched with their respective characters and made it difficult to be immersed in the film (maybe “immersed” isn’t the best word to use—what I mean is that it made me very aware that I was watching a film, as opposed to be sucked into the movie’s world for a couple of hours), the plot was ridiculous and predictable, and Damien Wayne is an annoying little brat that grated on my nerves rather than make me cheer for him. 

My biggest gripe is the scene that discusses the events that resulted in Damien’s conception. Without giving anything away, it involves a very dismissive and inappropriate attitude towards rape that really pissed me off. Usually I can still enjoy a film even if there are some problematic scenes (otherwise I wouldn’t watch so many horror films), but this one made me so angry that it tainted the rest of the movie. Although I understand that they wanted to remain faithful to the source material, Batman and Son, they could have easily altered the scene to be consensual without disrupting the plot—especially since the author himself has said he was wrong. 

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Last night I was taking a shower when my husband walked into the bathroom and said something and it scared me so I screamed

and that in turn scared him and he screamed

so basically we were just standing in the bathroom screaming at one another in terror.


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reclaimerm3gtr said:
I both Love/Hate new 52. Some if the stories we got have been good. That being said: The timeline is messed up(4 Robins in 5 years). Teen titans was not founded by the original founders: Woman are all sexxed up. Everyone is angry. Harley has been poorly treated so far. Some stories from both Bats/GL still exist. Sinestro War happened and Blackest Night.

Yeah, the increased sexualization of female characters—Harley in particular—is another thing that turned me off New 52. One could say that women being needlessly sexed up is far from a new issue in comics—and they’d be right—but it just seems so blatant and in-your-face this time around, to the point where I find it borderline vulgar. 

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the extremely misogynistic and outright disgusting panel where Harley compares the size of her vagina to a clown car:

I can’t even begin to explain how angry that panel makes me.

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rekkusu-chan said:
Have you played the Cold, Cold Heart DLC? I beat it yesterday; aside from Mr. Freeze's unnecessary design change and a few annoying missions to lengthen the DLC, I thought it was pretty good.

I had actually completely forgotten about Cold, Cold Heart! I may buy it later today. :D

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From storyboard to animation: The New Batman Adventures episode Joker’s Millions drawn by Bruce Timm and written by Paul Dini

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Once Upon a Dream
Lana Del Rey && Once Upon a Dream (from "Maleficent") (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream

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rogues are such loser nerds how do they even get anything done

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Great night for a party.

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yhftc1ty said:
Oh yeah! And why didn't you like Hush??? Still completely curious. I'm not going to try to convert you or anything XD

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say I dislike it, just that it’s far from my favorite. The first time I read it, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I think I stayed up pretty late just so I could finish it. But every other time I read it after that, it just was sort of…boring, I guess? Usually I love rereading comics because I pick up on things that I didn’t get the first read-through and I get to enjoy the story all over again, but I just haven’t felt that “spark” when re-reading Hush

That said, I don’t think it’s a bad story at all, just maybe not one of the strongest. I loved the Superman/Batman fight scene when Supes is under Poison Ivy’s control. 

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The Big Three by Blule 

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